BOshortVISION, the new international art event under the name of "Corto", organized by the City of Bologna, belongs to two solid realities already operating in the field of cinematography and figurative arts in Italy as well as abroad.

BOshortVISION is the first event of international short films that the city of Bologna opens outside the classic channels already operating in the area, with a three-year project that will start this year.

The review scheduled in the summer will animate one of the most characteristic squares of the city of Bologna and is an initiative aimed at cultural promotion as part of a wider project of urban regeneration that sees the involvement of institutions and the most important city realities for the success of the project.

More than 400 short films in original language from the most important international film festivals will be presented at this event.

Why in Bologna? Because Bologna for its history and its tradition has always had a focus on cinema: it is for example the headquarters of the Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna, formerly Cineteca di Bologna, one of the most important film libraries in the world, a restoration and collection centre transforming Bologna into a true paradise for film lovers from all over the world.

The festival will take place during the "Cinema Ritrovato", the event that transforms the city into a magical place where you can rediscover the classics of the history of cinema and watch evocative evening screenings on one of the largest open-air screens in Europe.

BOshortVISION festival will walk parallel to the major film festivals of the city, enhancing and promoting the great expressive capacity of the short film, that of developing a plot in a few minutes while keeping the viewer glued to the screen.The first edition will start on 20th June to 27th September 2020, its aim to animate one of the most characteristic squares of Bologna.

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